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Plan C is the circular economy hub in Flanders, Belgium: connecting, challenging and enabling entrepreneurs and organisations to make it happen.

About us

What is the circular economy?

What is the circular economy?

Our current economic system is based on a linear premise: it transforms raw materials into products to be destroyed at the end of their lifespan. The circular economy offers a radically different, circular approach: it is designed for optimum product and resource reusability and minimal value destruction.

Circular economy in action

Circular economy in action

Which companies and organizations are making the circular economy happen in Belgium?


Our projects

Our projects

Change only happens with action on the ground. That's why Plan C is partnering in, or coordinating several experimental projects that implement circular economy principles.


Plan C Community Night

BMIX - The business model innovation grid


This grid aims to inspire businesses to reconceive how they operate and to become more future proof. Ordered around 8 ‘archetypes’ of business models, we present a multitude of approaches and 100 real life business cases.

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Reburg - world's most circular city


How would life look like in a circular economy? What would businesses do? What kind of spaces would we have? To explore these questions we designed the city of Reburg, where the circular economy comes to life.

Take me to Reburg >

Econotalks - exploring the economy behind the circular economy


Econotalks is a series of longreads about the economic and financial barriers and opportunities of a circular economy. Experts from Flanders and abroad shed light on the issues.

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